What's wrong with my HTML Email?

Fractal knows, and can automatically fix it for you.

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Never design your email with tables again.

Just design your HTML email like a web page, use div structures with margins/padding/borders/floats etc to your hearts content. Fractal will take this HTML and convert it into a nested and stacked table structure automatically in under a minute. Now you can design your email without the stress of dealing with complicated tables.

Fractal fixes countless annoying client quirks.

Once Fractal has converted your div layout into a table structure, Fractal will apply many email clients quirk fixes to the resulting HTML. The quirk fixes will deal with the Hotmail 100% width alignment issue (.ReadMsgBody and .ExternalClass) and the Outlook 2010/2007 background image display issue (VML fix) and many more.

Get a comprehensive validation report

Fractal provides you with a complete validation report showing you exactly which HTML/CSS properties you've used which do not render well in exactly which email clients. This is useful during the design stage to spot compatibility issues early on.

Best Practices

To optimize your email, Fractal provides best practices recommendations ranging from mobile accessibility to social media engagement. In addition, links are checked and HTML is tidied up.